Park Residences bearings meet at the point of a perfect balance. Jurmala is a place where meditative peace and bursting energy of life intersect paradoxically and combine beautifuly. And it doesn't matter what you're up to: starting your day with yoga or coming home from a great party – this is the place.

Harmony that dwells here is authentically unique. Jomas street gets us through spreads of cafes and restaurants. Sounds of music float from another concert event in full play. Children laughter jingles in the air – an amusement park is here with ice-cream booths and cotton candy stands.
When turning off the Jurmala equator, a seascape unfolds in front of our eyes: white sand dunes, water surface heaved by light breeze and sublime pines framing the shorefront. On tiny streets of Jurmala there are writers’ and musicians' houses, some of them turned into museums and visited by those wanting to experience the atmosphere of artistic elite.

Jurmala is a town equally spiritually and industrially rich. It appears as a beautiful picture of the past and a promising picture of a future, where in the intense rhythm of central avenues there always will be a turn to a small street of quiet and privacy.
Not only those who had it from the very beginning choose life in Jurmala. More and more often the town gives shelter to those seeking for recreation but can't afford to take off a formal suit. A modern person' life is an infinite moving forward, business conferences and trips, meetings with friends and casual things.
Your wishes and mood inspire your idea of today. Jurmala is a guarantee of its' perfect atmosphere.